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Create a Forum in 10 Clicks

FORUMS libre allows anyone to create their own forum for free, including free hosting, even for commercial forums.

You can create your own forum, and embed it on your own website, or blog. You can create forums for fun, or for business.

Embed on Your Own Website or Mobile App

Embedding your forum on your own website, or mobile app is free and easy.

You can embed a forum for your product, service, club, or project website.
You can embed from the embed tab,
or use the FORUMS libre web API,
or use the FORUMS libre SDK for web and mobile

Create your own live chat channel, chat room, forum, chat bot, with free hosting for personal and commercial use. Embed on your own website, mobile app, or blog.

FORUMS libre!

Free embeddable forums

Create your own forum, embed it on your own website.

Free live chat

Add hosted live chat, chat rooms, and forums to your own website for free.

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